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Hemp Storage in Kentucky

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Why Underground Storage?

Storing Hemp properly is arguably as important as planting, harvesting or any other step in the cultivation process, because it can be just as crucial to farmers looking to turn a profit.

Hemp is susceptible to humidity, temperature, ultraviolet light and weather, an improperly
stored hemp crop can quickly go from good to bad under the untrained eye. When exposed to
the elements, some of the more common issues farmers and processors face with hemp
include mold problems or degradation in cannabinoid potency.


With an influx of farmers and businesses coming into the market- and new processors and manufacturers still learning how to work with hemp- the storage landscape has become even more important.

Key factors in successfully storing hemp are dim light, low humidity, and stable temperatures. A humidity-controlled environment is of critical importance.
CMS has the solution! 
  • Our facility provides a naturally stable climate-controlled environment that is highly secure.

  • Ambient temperature that ranges from 62 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit year-round.

  • Average ambient humidity at 60%; adjustable to decreased percentages as needed with monitored HVAC systems.

  • Dark Storage.

  • Pest Free Environment.

  • Highly secure and stable facility operating within a former mine of the hardest grade of limestone in the world.

  • Live-monitored digitally recorded security with limited ingress and egress points. 

  • High-output LED lighting, fully paved roadways, safe & spacious working environment unaffected by weather constraints.

  • Well maintained & multi-functional shipping / receiving docks & ground level access.
  • Forklift  5000 lb. capacity for safe & efficient skid handling.
  • Equipment & manpower sufficient for timely receipt & shipment of goods.
  • Inventories receipt & shipment reports as required by customer.
  • Warehouse management of inventories & goods.
Hemp License acquired by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture for the storage of Hemp.
Schedule a tour to better understand the environment and benefits of partnering with CMS.
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